Embracing your inner Swampy.

Right mamas, I’m on a roll now. Here’s the next THING NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT MOTHERHOOD #3: Your personal grooming may take a, erm, back seat.

Before I had Little J, I – like lots of women – spent rather a lot of time and money on my personal appearance. I certainly wasn’t one of those girls that spent hours getting ready every day, but I washed and straightened my hair daily, bought expensive skin care stuff and NEVER left the house without a full face of make-up.

Fast forward to bring a mummy, and GOOD LORD, I think Mrs Twit would be proud of me some days. It all started with having a C-section, as I was pretty much out of action for a few weeks. During this time, I learnt to embrace my inner hippy. Daily showers became twice a week showers (honestly!), and my hair dryer didn’t see the light of day for ages, let alone my straighteners. My treasured make-up bag gathered dust and hair bobbles became my new best friend.

When I was finally able to leave the house and take Little J out, it absolutely baffled me just how long it took me to actually physically LEAVE THE HOUSE. Little J would be washed, fresh as a daisy and dressed in a beautiful co-ordinated outfit, my baby bag would be packed with all the usual shizzle, plus a bit more. And me? I looked like I’d been dragged through several hedges both backwards AND forwards, my hair would be scraped back and my “shower” would have consisted of a quick rub down with a baby wipe.

Six months on, and I’ve finally managed to get it together enough to have a daily shower (I know, get me), and the other day I actually CURLED my hair. If I had to offer any tips out, here’s a few. Take ’em or leave ’em 😉

1. If you have highlighted or dyed hair, take advantage of the “ombré” trend, which allows you to have big roots without any disapproving stares.

2. If you can ever actually take an hour out and go to the beauty salon, get your lashes and brows tinted and stick a bit of that gelish or shellac stuff on your toenails. Have all your body hair waxed. Essentially, select your beauty treatments as if you are appearing on “I’m a Celebrity” and have to look semi-decent in the Aussie jungle for three weeks with no access to a mirror and you’ll be winning.

3. Buy your beauty products carefully. Time-savers like moisturising BB creams and all-in-one cheek/lip tints will become your best friends.

4. Bobbles. Lots of bobbles.

5: Ask for expensive anti-wrinkle creams and copious amounts of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for Christmas and birthdays.

6. If you think you have enough bobbles, buy more bobbles.

So there we go. Not really about babies but hey ho.

As I said, I’m a lot better these days, I can actually leave the house looking (and smelling) ok. But then again, last night I found a whole Dorito down my nursing bra.

<div align=”center”><a href=”http://umeandthekids.com/category/retro-blog-posts/&#8221; title=”U, me and the kids”><img src=”http://i.imgur.com/Ct9BBXM.jpg&#8221; alt=”U, me and the kids” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>


3 thoughts on “Embracing your inner Swampy.

  1. All too true! I’ll warn you though… this magical six-month stage doesn’t last forever. Once they’re on the move like little speed demons, it’s back to barely having time to curl your hair again! Unless you do it standing up and holding them away from baby height while he swings from your ankles. That might be achievable 🙂


  2. Argh! You have my sympathy! Bella was a nap refuser till around 12
    months, then she started having two a day like clockwork. Until about two weeks ago! Fingers crossed for you! 😀


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