Looking back to ME BC

Hey mummies.

The topic for this blog post is Things I Miss About My Life “BC”. Or Before Child, as it were.

Now, before I go any further, I’d like to clarify that OF COURSE I think my baby is the best-est thing to happen to my life ever, and I love him more than life itself, but every now and again, just for a second, I do miss a few little things about my life as a footloose and fancy free lady about town, who could skip merrily down the street, with a glass of wine in one hand and a bunch of Topshop bags in the other.

And from that sentence, you may deduct, a’la Sherlock, that several of the things I miss are alcohol and fashion related. And you’d be right.

Anyway. Here’s my top five:

1. Being able to leave the house.
If you’re a new mummy or a mum-to-be and you’re reading this, you may thing I’ve left off some words at the end of that title, such as “in a hurry” or “without a million and one things” but no. I haven’t. Sometimes, ladies, you will FAIL TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. At all.

Several times in those first few hazy months, I just gave up trying to get out of the house, admitted defeat, put the baby down, took my coat off, sat on the sofa and cried. It was just too hard. Trying to get both of us ready, ensure I’d remembered everything and walk out of the front door looking half decent was just too much. Little J would have a meltdown, or throw up everywhere, or do the world’s biggest poo just as we were heading out, or I’d get half way up the road and realise I still had my slippers on.

I miss those days when someone would phone or text me and ask if I’d like to pop out somewhere for a bit, and I just got my coat on, grabbed my small handbag and WALKED OUT. Now, every trip out of the door is a perfectly-timed military operation, and my baby bag doubles as my handbag. So as well as my purse, lippy and keys, I’ve also got nappies, wipes, cream, three spare vests, baby suncream, teething powders, muslins, anbesol, a sun hat, a wooly hat, an extra baby jumper, bibs, a bowl, a banana, several rattles and a Nuby teether. Phew.

2. Wearing nice clothes. Smaller ones.
I’ll be honest ladies, since having Little J, the weight has not magically melted off as I thought it would do. If anything, breastfeeding has hindered rather than helped any weight loss, as BC, I’d have been doing some kind of crazy diet by now to get rid of the extra weight. I know that may not be the healthiest option, but it’s the truth. I’m still a stone and a half heavier than I was pre-pregnancy and two stone more than my ideal weight. And I hate it, every single day.

Additionally, my baby is not the best sleeper (ahem) which results in me craving sugar and carbs to get me through to the evening without falling asleep on the pavement.

As a result, I regularly open my wardrobe to stare longingly at my size 10 Topshop skinnies and plethora of beautiful dresses. And cry. A bit.

I’d like to be able to wear my normal clothes. And I’d also like to select tops for prettiness, not for ease of access to my bangers. Amen.

3. Drinking a hot brew
I think one of the main reasons that new mummies go out for coffee so much is being able to enjoy a hot latte or cappuccino, and actually finish it. If you try to make a coffee at home, chances are it will go stone cold before you can guzzle it all.

In the early days, I’d just flop down with a well deserved, piping hot Nescafé and Little J would start crying/need feeding for four hours/want a snuggle. Nowadays, he’s a crawling, standing-up eight month old and I’m quite frankly running out of places to put a brew down that can’t be knocked over by an over-active monkey.

It would be lovely to just sit still for ten minutes a day, and just stare into space while enjoying a lovely steaming cup of Joe. Ahhhh!

Although let’s face it, we all know that coffee is just the substance that gets us through the day until it’s acceptable to drink wine. And I miss that too (well, drinking more than the occasional dinky glass). Boo.

4. Reading a book
In my life BC, I was quite an avid reader. I was lucky enough to have a reasonably relaxing 30 minute commute to work every day which provided excellent reading time, and I regularly thundered through chick-lit, thrillers, classics…you name it.

Nowadays, my concentration levels seem to run to pamphlets thanks to my sleep deprivation and my eyes feel so knackered I find it hard to see the words on my mark-one Kindle.

You know where I mentioned that I’d like to stare into space and drink a hot brew? Scrap that, I’d like to curl up on the sofa with a coffee and read. Without distraction.

5. Walking around without dribble/sick/poo on me.
Recently, I looked down at my leggings and spotted a fresh wet spot, rubbed it with a muslin and had a sniff (sorry), and realised that it was just a bit of milky sick.

“Ah” I thought to myself.

“It’s just sick, it’s not poo, or wee.”

And with that, I carried on with my day.

Casting my mind back to my old BC self, I don’t think that, in any realm of reality, I’d think that having a bit of VOM on my clothes was in any way A-OK. Imagine.

What do you miss about your life BC?



U, me and the kids

8 thoughts on “Looking back to ME BC

  1. Brilliant. I currently have sick on the should of my clean t shirt, have picked up a random bit of poo off the nursery floor, have sung Elmos song 10 times over and am sat outside the nursery door willing my boy to nap so l can go an reheat my coffee for the fourth time. All before 9.30am on a Saturday morning 🙂 ah, l miss weekends.


  2. being able to have a shower in peace without someone staring at you, or destroying the bathroom trying to get out. Or now climbing on the toilet and doing a dance because he’s proud of himself…
    Being able to watch what I want on tele … Toy Story rules my life now !!!
    Not having the living CLUTTERED with baby toys. May as well open up as a toy store we have so many .. And the nightly ritual of tidying them all away.. *sigh*
    And basically the freedom of going out without pre planning whose minding him. Ahhh…. The days of hangovers where you could do nothing. ….. Over lol.


  3. So so true! I defiantly miss reading a book and leaving the house without military precision.I had my first child at 18 years old so I have been doing it a while now.Thanks for linking up to this weeks #RetroBlogPosts

    Liked by 1 person

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