Gorgeous gifts for new mummies

Hey mommas.

If you have a friend who’s just had a baby, or is about to pop any day, I’ve put together this handy list of five unusual/useful Christmas gifts. They also double up as general new baby gifts, or even Christening presents.

I’m always wracking my brains to think of slightly different or interesting gifts, so if you’re of the same mind-set, have a look at the below suggestions for inspiration:

1. Baby imprint kits
I received one of these from my sister-in-law when Little J was born. It was a footprint imprint kit, and it made a lovely change from all the baby clothes! For Christmas, you can also get handprint kits that make Christmas decorations. Lovely keepsakes to treasure.

And if you’re feeling more adventurous and have babs or toddlers yourself, get happy with the salt-dough and make your own handprint decs for relatives!

Welcome to the World Imprint Kit

2. Baby aid baskets
Now this is something absolutely wish that I’d be presented with as a new mummy! It would have saved me (my husband) countless trips to the pharmacy as we tackled all the previously unimagined baby ailments. Not cheap to put together, but why not make your new mummy friend a home-made baby aid basket? Buy a small basket or box, and fill it to the brim with Calpol, baby Nurofen, Colief, Infacol, teething powders, Bonjela, gripe water, Metanium, Sudocrem, baby nail clippers, massage oil, a snot-picker (nice!), Snufflebabe and a thermometer.

Before becoming a mum, I had vague imaginings that babies occasionally got some mystical condition called Colic and that they were born without teeth. That was about it. At least a box like this would slightly soften the “finding out the hard way” journey 🙂

3. Personalised room signs
I’ve bought several of these now from the same eBay shop, Pretty Unique Plaques. I was so impressed with the first one for the price that I’ve had them made for every friend who’s had a baby since! Handmade to your specifications, these little wooden, hand-drawn signs with raffia string are the picture of cuteness, and definitely add a personal touch. Check out the Facebook page for Pretty Unique Plaques:


4. Sophie la Giraffe
Now, most mummies worth their salt will be able to spot a Sophie at 10 paces. But it’s worth remembering that new mummies are not “born” (pardon the pun) with the God-given knowledge of such items. So I think a Sophie makes a lovely pressie.

The natural rubber teethers have been around for 50 years (!) according to their website – but I had never heard of them before my boy was born. Nevertheless, he does enjoy chomping on French Sophie’s legs! Ooh la lah.


5. Pampering vouchers
One of the absolute best presents I received when I had my Little J was a voucher for my local beautician (thanks sis!). I didn’t use if for a long time, but it had no end date, so when I was ready I booked in for the works! Amidst piles of beautiful baby clothes, toys and keepsakes, it’s gorgeous to receive a little present just for you. So treat your new mum friend to a pampering session – massages, facials, manicures and even waxes go down very well with tired mummies who don’t have much time for themselves. Chuck in a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco too if you’re feeling flush. Best buddy brownie points for life 🙂

If you have any ideas for useful, different or interesting presents for new mummies, share them! xxx



3 thoughts on “Gorgeous gifts for new mummies

  1. Love these, especially the one for all the medicines you need – so true! We got a lovely Aden + Anais muslin when Aerin was born which was super useful for all sorts of things (not just mopping up the inevitable explosion!). I probably looked at the person who gave it to me like they had two heads but we still use it now and Aerin is 3. Sophie the giraffe is lovely but we had to microwave her to take the squeak out as the dog went mental every time she used it!

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