Posty cakey review!

Hey mummies! 
Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. I’m not a regular blogger, more of an occasional “inspiration hits me and I write something’ type girl, but the last few weeks have been more than crazy! 

After a fabulous and lengthy 13 months on maternity leave, I have finally returned to the world of work – albeit as a part-time freelancer. Even though I’m only working three days a week, the transition back has been a busy one. My Little J is finally settling in at nursery, even though he screams blue murder whenever we drop him off and then pretends that he’s having a rubbish time when we pick him up (which is rather amusing because if we arrive and doesn’t spot us for a few minutes, we can tell he is quite clearly having the time of his life!).

During this hectic time though, I did get one blog-related email that stopped me in my tracks and captured my attention. It was from a rather unique and amazing new company called Bakerdays who asked me if I would like to try one of their postal cakes (!) in exchange for an honest review. In my brain, I read it as thus: “Hello Eve, would you like some free cake?”, so as you can imagine I replied with a hearty YES PLEASE. Especially as I’ve just spent the last six weeks or so on the juice plus/clean eating plan to get rid of some of this baby chub. Man I need the cake. 

After perusing the website that showed off designs for children’s birthday cakes, Mother’s Day cakes, birthday cakes and even personal photo cakes, I decided (selfishly) on a rather cool cake that bore the legend “Keep Calm, the Best is Yet to Come” which I thought was rather apt for this period in my life as I embark on a new career path. 

The cake was POSTED to me, and rather excitingly it fit through my letter box! It arrived in a beautifully presented retro-looking tin which could be kept afterwards as yet another place to collect general bits and bobs, hair bobby pins and the like. 

The cake itself was extremely cute, beautifully iced and above all, very tasty! It was super sweet and sugary but went down nicely with a large mug of tea. I’d probably opt for a bit more jam and cream-type filling if I’m being honest but as you can imagine cream probably wouldn’t post that well! 



Altogether, I think that these little postal cakes are an absolutely gorgeous way to show people that you’re thinking of them, and offer a lovely alternative to sending flowers or even cards. I’d definitely use Bakerdays again. 
Do have a mosey and a mooch over to their website if you ever need some cakey inspiration, or if you fancy sending one of your friends or family (or even yourself!) a sugary posty cake! Very cool indeed, lots of choice and loads of ways to apply a really personal touch. 
I was sent a posty cake from Bakerdays in exchange for an honest review.


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