The weird and the wonderful…

Hey mummas!
I’ve been thinking recently about the differences between my pre and post pregnancy self, and some of the differences are actually quite weird and wonderful. 
Sure, I expected to perhaps be a bit fatter and have bigger boobs, but I didn’t bank on these beauties. Here’s my list of the crazy ways my body and mind have changed since becoming a mum…

I am always hot

This one surprised me, and still continues to do so. I expected to be hot during late pregnancy, but I didn’t expect it to become the norm. Before falling pregnant, I was always cold, and would have done anything to live somewhere tropical. I barely used to break a sweat, even after 45 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. 

Fast forward to nowadays and I collapse into a sweaty heap just looking at a hill that I may have to walk up, and I’m actually quite glad if the weather forecast says it might be a bit breezy. I WELCOME THAT BREEZE! I don’t even take my coat with me when I go out at the moment – what a maverick.

Weird rating: 2/5 

After 35 years, I am now a midge and mozzie target 

Here’s another bonkers nugget of information. For the first 35 years of my life I was midge and mosquito-bite free. The little critters hated me. I always joked that my blood must taste pretty crap and occasionally I pondered if my regular marmite-on-toast habit was the reason for nothing ever biting me as apparently, the Vitamin B12 puts them off. 

I was that repulsive to mozzies that I once watched a mahoosive one land on my arm in Western Australia (where pretty much everything can kill you), have a sniff, stomp around for a bit and then fly onto my friend’s arm and sink its teeth in. And, on holiday in Turkey, an errant and rather plucky mozzie snuck its way into our villa bedroom one night and the next morning my poor husband had been absolutely savaged. Me? Not one bite. 

Imagine my horror, then, when I was bitten twice on the leg by a blood sucking little bugger at a wedding last summer! And now, I have to avoid country walk midge-clouds like everyone else for fear of having my face munched off. 

It’s as if your whole physiology changes when you have a baby. Anyone else experience this?

Weird rating: 5/5

I get ill all the time 

One of the worst things about being a new mum is getting ill. Having to look after a baby and continue with nighttime breastfeeds if you’ve got a stomach bug or a stinking cold is nothing short of RUBBISH. 

Before having Little J I was hardly ever poorly. I’m not trying to sound like some kind of superhero with my anti-mosquito, anti-sickness powers, but it’s true! 

Since having J last March, I have lost count of the number of colds, bugs and infections I’ve picked up, and it’s increased even more since J started nursery. It never ends. 

Weird rating: 1/5

My eczema has gone!

This is most definitely a positive. Before becoming pregnant I would have happily swapped my horrible eczema for year-round hayfever or even a belt round the face with a wet fish. Believe me. I hated it, it actually dictated my life on occasion. Awful. 

But, sound the bloody trumpets, I got pregnant and my eczema just…vanished. It’s come back a teeny tiny bit since then but it’s about 3% of what it used to be. For this, I honestly thank God every day. 

As a toss up though, my hayfever is slightly worse but I’ll take that. 

Weird rating: 3/5

I can’t tolerate mega spicy food anymore 

Another crazy thing I’ve noticed since having J, is that I’m not fond of super spicy food anymore. 

I was always a bit of a chilli-chomper pre-baby, and my pregnancy cravings included raw pickled green chillies and Thai Green Curry. Despite this, I’ve completely lost my appetite for spice nowadays. In Indian take-out terms, I’ve downgraded from a high-end spicy Jalfrezi to a medium Rogan Josh, and last week I actually picked some particularly fiery red chillies off a pizza. WEIRD!     

Weird rating: 4/5 

Relentless baby brain

I’ve written before about baby brain, and I’m afraid to tell you that things have not got any better. 

The sleep deprivation may have improved since J was a newborn, but I’m never completely firing on all cylinders. I’ve left bank notes in cash points, I once tried to iron a cardigan with a full kettle, I forget names regularly and once, in a particularly foggy, knackered moment, I thought I’d hallucinated a bat flying round my kitchen. 

There was a bat, I just wasn’t sure if I was imagining it. It hid eventually and I NEVER FOUND IT. Just think about that for a minute…

Still, baby brain can be quite frustrating at times. Does it ever get better?

Weird rating: 3/5

I don’t get period pains 

Another positive one. Before pregnancy I was always doubled over on the first day of my period. Nowadays? Nada. No pain. Good. 

Still get PMT though, so I still spend one day a month feeling like there is no point to life and everything in the world is rubbish, but that’s just par for the course of being a lady. 

Weird rating: 2/5 

What weird and wonderful things have happened to you?


6 thoughts on “The weird and the wonderful…

  1. Now I have ‘there’s a bat in me kitchen, what am I gonna do’ stuck in my head again! I too am hot stuff since pregnancy. Mozzies have always thought I taste like cake and I expect they still will. Ooh I do like a spicy curry though still! Pregnancy is just not only 9 months, once you become pregnant you sign up for a lifetime of the weird and wonderful, don’t you! Mim x

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  2. Hiya, loved the post I too have experienced odd things after first baby I could no longer just use factor 30 sunscreen I have to use factor 50 and it has to be the kind for sensitive skin or else I just get a rash. After baby 2 my hay fever is almost not an issue unlike previous summer’s of being dosed up with everything just to survive I’ve instead barely used anything!

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  3. I wasn’t a huge spice fan before only can make it to a Rogan Josh, but can’t even eat those now!! The heartburn hasn’t stopped since not being pregnant and like you I am hot all the bloody time!! Wouldn’t change it for the world though 😊 xx

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  4. My weird one was after both my children, my contact lenses (the same ones I’d been happily wearing really comfortably for about 10 years) made my eyes really uncomfortable and dry. It happened for close to a year after having each child. And now they’re totally back to normal again.
    I’ve also heard of friends’ feet getting bigger after pregnancy!

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