It’s the little things…

Hey mamas! Sorry I’ve not blogged for EONS. I am clearly rubbish. In my defence, I have moved house and had a particularly busy period at work. Things are getting back to normal now though, and I’m settling in to our new pad!
We lived in a small cottage before, but we’ve moved to a much bigger house mainly on account of the sheer amount of shizzle that small people accumulate. It’s lovely to have lots more room and a garden for J to play in 🙂

In other news, J was Christened last Sunday.  It was a lovely day and great to see some family members that we’ve not seen for ages. Just fabulous! J liked being Christened, he tried to jump in the font and splashed water everywhere. Standard! 

Hopefully I will get my ass in gear now, and blog more often 🙂

This post has been forming in my mind for a while. Before I forget about the little things about motherhood in a fog of baby brain (yep, still got it), I want to share some recommendations for some smaller bits and bobs that I’ve found to be particularly helpful in the last 18 months of being a mummy. These things aren’t particularly expensive ones, but things that I’ve stumbled upon or been advised to try by my fabulous network of mum friends and family members. 

I love reading this kind of thing myself, so here goes…

1. White noise app or Ewan the Dream Sheep

Using white noise was recommended to me after a four month-old Little J decided that sleep was for losers (after sleeping through the night from 10.30pm – 8am since he was eight weeks old, just to lull me into a false sense of smug security – HA.)

The idea is that babies are very much used to continual white or ambient noise whilst in the womb, in fact it can get to a whopping 90 decibels in there apparently, what with mummy’s blood being pumped around, food bring digested and heart beating loudly (and in my case, snoring that could wake Elvis and continual moaning about indigestion). Babies are not used to silence, so to help them sleep and sleep for longer, you can get hold of any number of white noise apps on your smart phone or tablet for a couple of quid. Or you can even invest in a Ewan the Dream Sheep, which essentially does the same thing but doubles up as a cute teddy to cuddle. 

White noise definitely worked a treat for J – in fact, it probably helped me to sleep too! I used to love the thunderstorm or crashing wave noises…and anything’s worth a go for a bit more sleep hey!? YAWN! 

2. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment

I bet most mummies know about this already, but just in case you don’t (or you’re still waiting for your bundle to arrive), Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a magic yellow cream that gets rid of nappy rash quite literally overnight! My sister, who has two boys, told me about this gem the very first time I complained that J’s bum was a bit red. I’ve sworn by it ever since and I’m very grateful for the recommendation. 

It’s a cream to use when needed, rather than an everyday barrier-type nappy cream, but it really works – and works fast! Definitely one for your armoury. 

3. Annabel Karmel NUK Food Masher

When I started weaning J and mushing up banana and butternut squash, I loved this simple little gadget. 

I remember considering either buying a specific blender for baby food, or just sticking to a fork, but this is somewhere in between. I spotted mine on an eBay baby shop for a few quid and I love it! 

It’s essentially a little plastic pestle and mortar, with grooves on the bottom of the bowl and a little masher with holes in. In makes very quick and easy work of mashing any concoction that you decide to feed your baby with! 

I don’t need to mush up much for J nowadays of course, but he still loves squished banana and I stick his multivitamin medicine in there too, whenever I make it for him. Where there’s a will and all that 🙂

4. Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Baby Bath

This was something that I was sure would be a waste of money, and an item which I thought would probably end up gathering dust, but a friend of mine was selling her barely used one when I was pregnant so I nabbed it. 

This Acqua Bambino Two Stage Baby Bath is pretty big, but it’s got a moulded side for teeny babs, and older babies who can sit up can go at the other end, when they get big enough. We used the showerhead( in the bath) to fill it up, which takes about two minutes.

We actually used this bath until really recently! J loved the big boy end, and because it’s contained with quite high sides, we could make the water nice and deep and bubbly. We’ve moved house recently and the new bath has fancy taps (pah!) that don’t work with this baby bath, and a separate shower cubicle, so the bath has been retired for the next bab if we are blessed with another at some point. It’s £28.50 from M&P, but do look out for second hand ones. A great buy, either way.

5. That’s Not My… book series 

J loves to read – his books are his absolutely favourite toys. He regularly toddles over with a stack of them and says “Ta!” Which translates as “Read, mummy!”. 

The That’s Not series by Usbourne is absolutely perfect for smaller babies as well as younger toddlers. The premise is the same in every one – a little mouse takes you through a variety of different, brightly coloured monkeys, bears, puppies, dragons or tractors (the list is endless!) and says “that’s not my monkey! Its nose is too fuzzy” or similar, and the pictures all have touchy feely parts that are woolly/scratchy/smooth/fuzzy/knobby etc. Babies love to feel the pages. They are absolutely wonderful, and you can collect bloomin’ loads of them! 

I pick them up whenever I spy one that we haven’t got, and I also bought a job lot of immaculate ones from eBay to kick start our collection. 

Now that Little J is 18 months old, he is starting to prefer more complex stories, too. Some of our favourites are Each Peach Pear Plum, The Hungry Caterpillar, Buster’s Zoo and Brown Bear. One of my personal favourites is The Gruffalo, but J gets a bit bored with that one at the moment. I sometimes read it by myself and it always makes me cry at the end (not because it’s sad, because the little mouse has triumphed, and because everything makes me cry nowadays.)

There you go! Which little gems have you found to be particularly fab and helpful throughout motherhood so far?  

Evie x

PS – I haven’t been paid to endorse any of these items, they are just my genuine favourites! 


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